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Multiupload Mascot and Design Changes

This survey is just to get a quick idea of what people are thinking about for a mascot design and site feature updates. Instead of trying to decide on something myself, it seems like a good idea to ask the people using it! All of the questions are optional, please answer what you want to.

Mascot Design

What species should the mascot be?

If you have any other suggestions or comments about the mascot or site design, please feel free to say them here in addition to your choice. 

Which canidae? 
Which felidae?
Should the coloration be more natural for the species or more unusual?
Should the mascot coloration be lighter or darker? 
Site Features
Which of the following features would be the most useful? Hopefully most of these features will get added at some point, I'm just looking for the priority to complete them in. 

Would you download a program on your computer that allowed you to schedule uploads at specific times for sites?

By downloading a program that could send your password at the specific time, it would allow me to queue uploads that your computer would later authorize without having to store passwords unencrypted on my server. 

What are your impressions on an interface that used multiple pages to be able to display more information? 

This example is an early prototype of a new interface that clearly still has some bugs and design issues still. Future revisions would be able to have custom fields for specific sites, such as custom text just for Twitter or selecting folders on specific sites.


Which sites would be the most useful to add next?
Are there any other sites you would like to see get added?
Do you have any other suggestions, issues, or comments? 
Update Lists and Privacy

Would you be interested in a mailing list to hear about new features and tips and tricks on using the uploader?

It would include at most one update a month talking about new features and what's currently in progress for future updates. 

If you'd like to be added to the mailing list if/when it is created, please enter your email address. It will never be shared or used for any purpose other than site updates. 
Would you be interested in joining a Telegram channel for updates on the site?
Good news! There already is a Telegram channel, which you can join here:

Would it be okay to track how many submissions each user uploads in an anonymous way? 

Currently the only data point tracked is the time it takes to upload each submission. Adding in a unique one way user identifier would allow me to determine how many people are using the site and how often they use it.